Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Dojo!

happy birthday tarah! i love you and wish i could be with you on your big 26! you have always been the most loving, sweet, beautiful BIG sister!
Miss you tons! -a

Denver ZOO, Mr. Messy and Bathtime

This past week Bryn had her little spring break from school and we managed to keep fairly busy!! The weather has been great (until this morning when it started to snow AGAIN!)so we hit up the zoo, the swimming pool, did a little shopping, played in the backyard, took some lengthy baths and had a little ice cream with Grandma Ronda! Thanks for coming to visit, we miss you already!

Bath-time fun!

So I decided to get the kids some ice cream before we started the long drive home.. I was amazed at how the ice cream quited them down... When I pulled into the driveway and looked back, this is what i found.... No wonder... He fell asleep eating it!

My little Mr. Messy

The Denver Zoo with
Blake, Sara & Kids!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

HOPPY Easter!

We had such a fun Easter... Although we wish we could have spent time in the desert with the Craigs or followed the Carlson Clan over to Utah, we managed to survive on our own and we had a GREAT time! We started by dying eggs on Saturday morning, a Stapleton Easter egg hunt with the Easter Bunny Sat. afternoon, a visit from the Bunny on Sunday, followed by another egg hunt with the neighbor kids before heading to dinner with Grandma Shirley and guess what?? ---- Another egg hunt at Grandmas! Wow! What a busy weekend... I realized this weekend that Easter is one of my favorite holidays... I love the candy, the spring colors, the family gatherings, the outfits and most importantly the opportunity to reflect on the Atonement of our Savior...

We have truly been blessed with a beautiful family, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a wonderful life!

Random March 2008 Pics!

So life has been a little nuts lately and I have been meaning to post these pictures for the longest time... Here they are in no particular order....

Bryn and Bos "sampling" at the Hammond's Candy Factory
Watching chocolate bunnies being made at the candy factory
The Thornton Crew (missing Cade and Kris)
Brooklyn & Boston playing in Mommies car with Cole
"Naked Noodles"
Brooklyn, Will and Boston came downstairs for lunch looking like this! Hilarious!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Okay, I feel terrible that I don't actually blog about anything thats going on in our lives..It's just so much quicker to whip out some pics and a couple little blurbs...So here is a little update as to what in the heck we are up to here in Colorado!

Brooklyn (3 1/2) is growing up to be the cutest strawberry blonde, girly-girl, princess that I have ever seen! She is always helping out around the house, changing Bossy's diapers (which usually ends up being a total DISASTER), cleaning everything (and I mean everything!) with her Windex and she is VERY quick to let mom know when her brother is being a "bad boy"! She has been at Eastlake Montessori for 8 months now and I can't believe the things that she has learned. She can read and write almost every letter in the alphabet and is now "teaching" her brother so he will be "smart" when he starts Montessori next year. I can't believe our little princess (actually I shouldn't say little because our doctor projects her height to be 6ft tall! Any hints on stunting growth?) is going to be turning 4 this July! Wow!

Boston (2 1/2) is SOOOO cute! He is the most mild tempered, polite, sensitive little guy around... I am sure Tyler is loving the fact that I am referring to his first born Man Child as polite and sensitive, but hey, what more could a Mom ask for? Right? He absorbs EVERYTHING that his sister does and looks up to her so much! He is a HUGE Thomas The Tank Engine fan and knows the names of every engine and car! Although I am always raving about what a good kid he is, he definitly knows how to make a mess!! See past posts on "Mr. Messy..." He is a BOY and I hear these little messes won't even compare to the messes I am going to be sorting out in about 12 years...I'll take an entire tub of aquafore ground into the carpet.... for now!

Tyler is the busiest, smartest, most hard working guy around... He is still working part time for Evergreen Devco out of Phoenix (he travels every other week) and working at Carlson & Assoc. with his Dad at the Eastlake office.. He LOVES what he does, and despite the weak market, still manages to pay for the $200 shoes that I had been hiding from him for almost 2 months! (Which he finally discovered under the seat of my car and needless to say, they quickly found their way back to Nordstroms! I know I know $200 shoes..what was I thinking?) Tyler has spent most of his free time over the past 3 months either a) playing Nintendo Wii b) skiing or c) reading... He continues to amaze me with his ability to balance everything he has going on and being the best husband and daddy around...

As for me, I manage to stay busy entertaining my little tykes, traveling back and forth to CA & AZ to see my newest little nephews and family (I became an Aunt x2 this past year), scrap booking, shopping, cleaning, decorating and blogging...We are so excited for the summer to come so we can play in the new playground and pool across the street! Until then we will manage to get through the frigid winter (I am having a hard time acclimating since moving from Southern Cali) as we count down the days (60 to be exact) until we set sail to the Caribbean with my family in May and for England with the Carlsons in July! I feel like we are finally 95% moved in and settled... If I could only get my Big Bird yellow bathroom under control, I would say 100%... I am still the happiest, luckiest girl around and feel the Lord has blessed us so much in our lives... A

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I am a little behind on my blogging and have SOOO much catch up to do! Things have been nuts over here! I am knee deep into a HUGE card making project from Grandma Shirleys Birthday! Hopefully I can get back into the BLOGISPHERE soon! Hugs! Amber

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bop Bop Big Day!

Happy Birthday Bop Bop! We love you and wish
we were with you on your big day! Hugs and kisses from Colorado!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Chase!!

Just wanted to wish, one of my favorite brother-in-laws a Happy Birthday!!! Chase has always been the little brother that I never had.... Thanks for the phone calls, car washes and all the great memories! Your a great uncle and an all around great guy! Hugs!