Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Trip to Cali!

This past week we packed up our small Russian army and headed to California to see Great Grandma and Grandpa Craig! We had so much fun and I can't believe we fit it all in... We managed to fit in a trip to Fairytale Land, Apple Hill, a Jelly Belly factory tour, a San Francisco Bay Harbor Cruise, a little trout fishing, a quick lunch with Aunt Debbie, Brandon and Josh, and ate at some of Mom's favorite restaurants... In-N-Out & Skates on The Bay... Our kids were amazing well behaved and were such troopers throughout all the long car rides! Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for making our trip a memorable one! We love you!

Waiting for their bag, ready to go! Tyler with his giant baguette from BoudinMr. McGregors Garden
Apple Hill

Shark Tunnel @ San Fran Aquarium
Best Buddies
San Fran Aquarium
Golden Gate Bridge
Alcatraz Cruise
The Craigs
pier 39
Mr. McGregors Garden @ Fairytale Town
Jelly Belly Factory Tour

Fishing at Apple Hill
Boston eating his trout.... yum!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Our Gospel Doctrine teacher read this quote in Sunday school yesterday and it struck me, thought i would share....

Life isn't always easy. At some point in our journey, we may feel much as the pioneers did as they crossed Iowa- up to our knees in mud, forced to bury some of our dreams along the way. We all face rocky ridges, with the wind in our face and winter coming on too soon. Sometimes it seems as if there is no end to the dust that stings our eyes and clouds our vision. Sharp edges of despair and discouragement jut out of the terrain to slow our passage. Always, there is a Devil's Gate, which will swing wide open to lure us in. Those who are wise and faithful will steer a course as far from such temptation as possible, while others - sometimes those who are nearest and dearest to us- succumb to the attraction of ease, comfort, convenience, and rest. Occasionally, we reach the top of one summit in life, as the pioneers did, only to see more mountain peaks ahead, higher and more challenging than the one we just traversed. Tapping unseen reservoirs of faith and endurance, we, as did our forbears, inch ever forward toward that day when our voices can join with those of all pioneers who have endured in faith, singing: "All is well! All is well!"

Elder M. Russell Ballard