Sunday, September 28, 2008

Boys will be Boys!

This is what Boston was doing yesterday while I thought he was helping Tyler vacuum out his car... The best part is that Tyler was encouraging him to play in this mud pit (in his brand new PJ's) while snapping pictures! Boys will be boys!

Grandma and Bop Bop Visit CO!

This past weekend Bop Bop and Grandma Ronda came to visit us and we had a total blast! We managed to fit everything in that we had been hoping to do in the short 3 days that they were here! We ate at all our favorite restaurants, ate a few too many cupcakes, went shopping at Kazoo and Company, rode the Georgetown Train, did a little shopping, detailed our cars (Thanks Dad) and made a couple crafts... It's always so fun to have them here and sad when they have to leave! Thanks for all the fun, we miss you already!

Boss and Daddy on the Train
Carlsons, Bop Bop and Grandma Ronda
Brooklyn and Mommy
I was a little nervous about them hanging out of the train...
Beautiful Colorado!
The train museum at Silver Plume
The kids with their suckers
Boston all tuckered out on train ride down...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blog Bored

Fellow Bloggers & My Mother,
We are alive... I have nothing notable to post and no inspiration. We are well, and happy! Hope all is well... Hopefully an interesting post is to follow this weekend.... Until then, Much love! A

here is a recent photo to keep you smiling....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy PROXY Anniversary!

Salt Lake City 2002
Our engagement photo!

6 years ago today, Tyler proposed to me! I was so in love, so excited, so ready for this next chapter in my life... I had no idea just how lucky I was... Getting married when you're 19 (I know, scary!!!) is a bit risky and some may argue that it's too young to make such huge commitments... I'm not sure why but the Lord was definitely looking after me when he placed Tyler into my life with seamless timing over 7 years ago! I knew after our first date that I would marry this guy we all referred to as "Mr. Perfect"! (Tyler at this point just thought he was grabbing lunch at Cafe Rio with a friend and was not aware of my plans) Cheesy, but true! The past 6 years have been so amazing and I often find myself wondering why I deserve such an amazing man! I thought I would compile a small list of some of the reasons I love Tyler....
1. He brushes my hair every night while we watch TV or lay in bed talking.
2. He is SOOO helpful around the house with the kids and chores.. He was/is the oldest of six kids and his mother taught him well... Thanks Jo!
3. The fact that he now claims to be "numb" to the cost of my overpriced clothing and will often buy them for me himself without muttering one word about the price..
4. He lets me put my freezing cold feet all over him in bed.
5. He puts 110% into everything that he does... Which includes using a level, graph paper, a calculator, molly bolts and stud finder to hang a 8 x 10 picture on the wall.
6. He is the smartest person that I know and loves to learn...
7. He is dangerously good looking and doesn't realize it.
8. He watches The View, The Hills and Unwrapped and actually enjoys them.. although I know he will dispute that...
9. Writes me little love notes every morning and leaves them for me to find when I wake up...
10. How he will drive the same beat up car with 2 missing hubcaps until the wheels fall off, wear the same trial pair of disposable contacts for 3 years, rocks clothes from college and doesn't care one bit.
11. He wakes up at 5:45, runs the neighbor kids to seminary, stops to get me an Egg McMuffin and pancakes for the kids, reads his scriptures, herds both kids into the shower and then wakes me up! Told you he was Mr. Perfect!

Thanks for making me so happy and for an amazing 6 years and an eternity to follow! I love you 2,190 skittles! (the amount of days since you proposed) A

(For those of you who are wondering why I titled this our PROXY anniversary, Tyler and I were actually married December 27th... We have since decided to move our anniversary for celebration purposes to the day we were engaged, it became too tough around the holidays with family and travel schedules...)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Here we go again!!!

Just when you get life all figured out... two kids potty trained and going to school, great neighborhood, good jobs, healthy, happy, (getting) in shape, fun vacations, etc... it's time to start all over again and have another baby! Yes, Tyler and I are excited to announce that we are expecting Baby #3 sometime around late March. We don't know the baby's sex yet and we've decided to keep it that way until the delivery so we can keep things exciting since we're seasoned veterans at this point! :) ha ha

The kids are very excited about their new brother/sister (depending on who you ask) and Brooklyn has now named her sister (yes, she's adamant about it being a girl) half a dozen names from Tria (Land Before Time) to Emily (a girl in my workout class) to Ivy (Ivy Sorensen), etc. Boston and Tyler are naturally lobbying for a boy so we'll have to see. Me, I'd be happy with either but I must admit raising a boy thus far has been easier than girl!

So far I'm feeling okay... really tired, general stomach uneasiness, recurring migraines (a flash back from my Brooklyn pregnancy... does this mean its a girl???) and cravings for Egg McMuffins (crazy, I know)!

Here we go again...!!! :)


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pictures as Promised!

Tuesday was the kids first day of school together at Eastlake! With the exception of a couple alligator tears and a couple nerves they did great! I am so excited to finally have them in school together! Last night at dinner Brooklyn reported Boston's every move around the school, including what he ate for snack, who he ate it with, and where he sat on the rug for line time. Look out Bossy, big sister is watching!

Outside their school...
A little first day of school photo shoot before we left....

The car ride home! Mom's favorite part of back to school!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend!

For Labor Day weekend we decided to get out of the city for a break after a crazy week of DNC traffic, picketers and helicopters so we headed to Breckenridge for some clean air, four wheeling, yummy food, hot tubbing and rest! We went with cousin Blake & Sara & family and had so much fun and feel so lucky to have such a beautiful mountain house just a short hour and 30 minutes away, Thanks Lee and Shirley for sharing!!
Ty, BC and Boss ready to go!
Best Buddies, Allison Carlson and Brooklyn
Mom and her buddy taking a nap! So sweet!
We came home to this deer grazing on the lawn!
Boston eating his broccoli with "Dip It" (also known as ketchup) yuck!
My two kiddos!
100% Boy!
Brooklyn and Daddy headed down the trail! So beautiful!
Mommy and Boss