Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Taz turns ONE!

i seriously can NOT believe it has been a year since i had this little guy! he is such a joy in our lives... it's so fun to see the bigger 2 teaching him, playing with him, running to his every cry, or ty and i waking up to discover all 3 kids playing in his crib, watching him learn and constantly cuddling. he is truly the perfect baby and we couldn't imagine our lives without him! happy birthday buddy, we love you!

Denver Saint Patricks Day Parade

Daddy was away for 4 days so we decided to pack up and head downtown for the Saint Patrick's Day parade... The kids had so much fun snagging beads and candy while arguing (can they seriously argue over everything?) which was the "coolest" float! Boston votes for the Star Wars Float and Brookie the Irish Dancers... After 3 hours, Mom voted the coolest was the last one, which meant it was time to go!

Quick Trip To Maryland

Tyler and I had a chance to sneak away sans kiddos for an amazing 4 days in Maryland with Chase and Ashleigh! We had so much fun and as many of you already know Tyler is not the "sit on a beach and sip Pina Coladas" type of traveler, so we saw everything possible to see in 4 days! Poor Chase and Ashleigh live there and they saw more in 4 days than Ashleigh has seen in her entire life! We managed to squeeze in a trip Baltimore, a tour of D.C., a ride to the top of the Washington Monument, a little shopping in Georgetown and many yummy meals (one too many I think) Thanks for having us guys! You're new place and new dog are adorable!

(You may have noticed, I'm not much for picture taking these days.. I would be content to know that this last pregnancy is never documented...it's been a doozy!)

Valentine's Day In Breck

Im SOOOOO behind in my posts so I am going to keep it short and just say we had such a fun time in Breckenridge with our good friends the Copples from USC, were hoping, but not pressuring them to move out to Denver to start a Dental Practice... We had so much fun, Thanks for leaving the blissful SC weather to visit the blustery and cold Colorado winter!

The kids showing off their Valentine;s Treats from Mom...

The kiddos (and Dad's) had endless hours of fun sledding down the driveway...
and building snow forts...

Talli and Brooklyn, Best Buddies