Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just Taking A Nap

Last night our family went out to dinner at Olive Garden and I nearly died laughing at yet another one of Boston's funny sayings...

Right when our food arrived, as usual, Boston announced that he had to go to the bathroom. Amber gave me the "I'm 8.95 months pregnant" look, which loosely translates to "I hate you for getting me pregnant AGAIN, I can't move out of this booth with a baby in my stomach so take your boy to the bathroom." Seeing my domestic self interest, I obliged and off we went to the men's room...

In a gesture of solidarity I went into the stall with Bos since the urinals were too tall and I stood guard at the door while he dropped his drawers and attempted to pee. I'm still unclear as to what happened next... whether it was stage fright, a long fuse, hang-fire, etc... but for whatever reason he experienced technical difficulties.

After a couple of seconds he turned around with a concerned look on his face, started to pull up his pants and said, "it's okay, I'll just try again later..."

Bewildered, I reassured him and said... "it's okay buddy, go ahead and try again, we're not in a rush..."

Bos then re-assumed the position and almost immediately things started to flow... upon which he breaks out laughing out loud and says in a eureka moment...

"Oh geez dad, I guess it (referring to his unit) was JUST TAKING A NAP!"

Needless to say, I was hysterical. I love that boy.


Thursday, April 15, 2010


Everyone is quite inquisitive about my pregnant state....

I am 27 days away...
About 27 lbs over my target weight gain...
Have a list of about 27 names, we can't agree on one...
Physically, not sure I can make it another 27 days!
Mentally, not sure I'll be ready for 27 years...
Still struggling with the fact I'm going to have 4 kids under 5 before I even turn 27!

I'll keep you posted!
Affectionately, A

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a great Easter this year... Holidays just seem to keep getting more magical as the kids get older. We went to our annual "Stapleton Egg Scramble" on Saturday morning. It's always a ton of fun for the kids and over in literally seconds! Sunday morning we woke up to find baskets that the bunny had left for the kiddos, hidden "rotten" eggs as Boston refers to them and a table set for a yummy breakfast! It was nice that Conference fell on Easter this year so we could relax, watch, eat, nap and head up to Grandma Shirley's for an early Easter dinner. The unfortunate part was that I had spent a week prior sewing this adorable Easter dress for Brooklyn before I realized it was Conference and she wouldn't even be able to wear it... Seems like this is how most my life runs lately, complete CHAOS!
The Baskets full of Treats
Our best attempt at a kiddo Picture
At the Stapleton Egg Scramble
All the eggs at Founders Green, seems like thousands and each kid was only allowed to grab 6!

American Girls and Broken Hearts

Brooklyn could hardly wait for the grand opening of the American Girl Store here in Denver... She had been talking about it for weeks upon weeks... She even wanted me to camp outside the night before so we could be the first ones in the store. After considering that for half a second, (not exactly ideal when it's 20 degrees out and you're 8 months pregnant) we decided to wake up at 6:00 AM and head down to park Meadows! When we arrived I was SHOCKED! There was literally 3500 girls waiting in line. Apparently I totally underestimated the magnitude of the store opening! After waiting about an hour and moving about a foot I broke the news to Bryn that it wasn't going to happen... We packed up, cried the entire way home about what a terrible and mean mom I was and then proceeded to tell everyone that we spoke to for the rest of the weekend how I didn't let her camp at the AG store so it was my fault we didn't get in... Wow! We later found out that people waited 8 hours and never actually made it into the store... Seriously? As promised, I took her back the following Tuesday, where we waited about 15 minutes in the 65 degree weather and finally got in! Brooklyn was in heaven and has been playing with Kit and her other AG's for 2 weeks straight! This is as close as the girls were able to get to the store at the Grand Opening....

Brooklyn and Kit and her loot
Kit waiting in her salon chair for her ear piercing

Brooklyn and Allison, Victory at last!