Saturday, February 23, 2008

Denver Aquarium!

Last night we went to the Denver Aquarium with our favorite people the Sorensens... We ate a lot of FISH, saw a lot of FISH and played on some big FISH!
(Mother, please excuse the fact that Brooklyn looks homeless, but she INSISTED on ripping out her adorable hair-do and replacing it with this flamingo Tiara! I have learned to pick my battles with her!)

Boston. Will & Brooklyn

This scuba diver was feeding all the fish right behind our table and it was making Brooklyn a little uncomfortable...
Jamie and I
Brooklyn and Mr. Scuba man having a moment!


So, I am a little behind on my posting and have been meaning to put these up for weeks.. Grandma Shirley took the kids out to lunch and to Build-A-Bear a few weeks ago and they had the best time! Boston built a "Fisherman Turtle" and Bryn built a "Princess Bunny" -- They are so cute with their animal creations.. Thanks Grandma for such a fun time!

Boston kissing his turtles heart....

Brooklyn's bunny had every accessory known to man... a cell phone and carrier, a stroller, a tiara, wand, wings, bows, tutu, purse and necklace... Wow!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy LOVE day!

I know i am a bit behind, go figure?! But, I wanted to let my man to know how much I love him! He always makes me feel so special and loved on Valentines Day.. This year he surprised me ... (Okay, so I wasn't that surprised since I told him weeks ago what would be a cute gift) with an adorable Jewelery box from Pottery Barn with a Tiffany's Bracelet inside that I have been wanting! We went out and had the most amazing dinner at a cute little restaurant here in Denver called the Cherry Tomato. If anybody lives in Denver I HIGHLY recommend it! It was amazing! Thanks honey for making the day so great! I could not have chosen a more loving, romantic, helpful, dangerously good looking, adventurous, giving husband! You are truly the best! I feel so lucky you're mine...
I love you Tye! A

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Decorating DISASTER!! (or maybe I'm the disaster)

Okay... Let me start my apologizing for such a boring blog post for most, but to me this is no small ordeal.... So we moved into our house last June, yes that was over 8 months ago... I am well aware. So I finally decide now might be a great time to actually buy some quality bedding and paint our bedroom.. So I quickly (never choose something that you have to live with long term on a whim) decided to go with this mustard yellow bedding from Pottery Barn.. Then quickly ran to the paint store to buy some samples of yellow paints... So after multiple samples and about 15 (no exaggeration) trips to the Benjamin Moore paint store with two kids, one of which was chewing on bolts that he found in some unknown bin and helping himself to the refreshment aisle, i headed out with a paint color I knew would be great...Back-up, once I had finally decided on a paint color I realized I didn't have my wallet..Opps, but thought I'm not going to be painting it tonight anyway, I'll send Tyler in the morning to pick it up minus the kids.....

Next Day... So I send Tyler off to the paint store to pick up the yellow paint called Dalila...Tyler returns with $89 worth of diarrhea paint color Dahlia... opppps! In case you didn't know, the paint store does not allow returns or exchanges on paint... So the following day I return to the store to buy the correct paint color, but their formula computer seems to be down... So now, I am dealing with Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dumb and Dumbest, chicken scratching down what they think "might" be the formula.... Oh mercy!

Wow, this is getting long..I will sum it up I promise....

After many tears, screams and all together hysterics after I discover that my new paint color is like a giant ball of sun, Tyler takes the paint back to the store where he finally convinces the Tweedle Trio that it's their fault and hand measusing out the colorant is not an option....they miraculously get the computer working and make me new paint.... I then paint my entire bathroom Dalila yellow today and decide... I don't think I like the mustard yellow bedspread and mustard yellow walls.... Forget it... I'm going to order the green.....

If you could only see my bedroom, you would not be laughing! I'm burnt out, I now hate yellow and am going to hire a painter to fix it.... A

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Baby Brain

Update: Sorry to cause some confusion... No, I am not PREGNANT, I was referring to what my kids have done to my brain!

I couldn't have said it better myself! I have a serious case of "Baby Brain!" I literally have lists all over the house of things "not to forget..." Thanks for listening, I am working through this issue! a

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tyler's NASCAR Experience!

For Christmas, My dad gave each of his son-in-laws a "Nascar Experience" at Phoenix International Raceway... Tyler flew out last weekend to have one of the greatest adventures of his life! He was very proud that his top speed was 104 mph..Glad it was him, not me! Only his crazy father in law, (my dad) drove faster! Pretty impressive for a Grandpa!!
Thanks Kevin for the amazing time!

Friday, February 1, 2008


Okay, I know I have gone a little nuts with my posts about the CRAZY things that Boston is always doing, but I have to document these things! Today, I was driving down the freeway and looked back in my rear view mirror to see Bostons face looking like this! Eeek! Apparently he got a hold of my make-up bag and had a little fun! (I apologize for the poor resolution, I took these while driving with my Blackberry!)