Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tawny's Wedding Pics

Our most recent Family picture at Tawny's wedding!
June 2007

I finally took the plundge, we have a BLOG!

Wow! I am so excited that I finally have time to sit down and write a Blog! (Brooklyn started Montessori and I don't know what to do with all my time!!) It seems like such a fab way to keep in touch with all our friends and family both the near, here in CO and farther previous places we have lived! (We miss you AZ buds, and USC Junkies, GO TROJANS!!)

So let me catch everyone up on whats going on in our Crazy World! Tyler graduated in May from USC (University of Southern California) first in his class, (sorry Honey had to mention it) with a Masters in Real Estate Development. Quickly after we moved into our new home in Denver, Colorado! Tyler is still working part time for a development company (Evergreen Dev Co) based out of Phoenix that he worked for before we moved to LA while also trying to start up a Development Company here in Denver, Carlson-Development. You can check out his new Company website at www.Carlson-Development.com... He is very busy, but he is LOVING what he is doing...

Brooklyn now 3, started Montessori school last week at the same school that all her Aunts and Uncles went to when they were growing up.. The teachers think it's so neat to have a 2nd generation Carlson in their class. The first day was a little emotionally traumatizing for both Mom and Bryn! Yikes! Luckily sending your first born off to school only happens once! Brooklyn is growing up to be such a Character! She has such a vibrant personality and can chat on the phone with Family and Friends forever, he favorite topic?? Pooping on the big girl potty!

Boston, almost 2 is such a little sweetheart! I could not ask for a sweeter more mild tempered child. He is 100% male. He can entertain himself for hours with anything that moves... Water, bugs, cars, tractors, bikes, balls, Thomas Trains and trucks. I am finding myself doing things I have never done before in my life, (growing up in a 80% female family, sorry Dad) Going to sandboxes, Jumping in mud puddles, searching every toy store in town for a kid Lawn Mower, playing with Tools and assembling Thomas Train Tables! Boys are such a BLAST!

As for me I am so excited to be settled in a place that we love and plan to spend many years. We love it here in Colorado, It's so fun to run into old friends from High School and family dinners on Sunday! We LOVE our new house, (not to mention we have the coolest Neighbors on the block, We love you Petersen's). I have been busy decorating our house, giving Tyler a stomach Ulcer as he is constantly seeing me come home with new things for the house, (Thanks for understanding Honey) He is hoping that once my BF (Jamie) moves to Colo next week, it will give me something to do other than cruise the Mall...Little does he know we are like Fire and gasoline when it comes to shopping for our houses. Watch Out!

We Love and miss all of you and hope that your lives are fulfilled and happy! We would love to hear from you, or even better would love to see you! Come Visit us!